• The future of Union Station includes new destinations

      By Dave Murphy     March 5th, 2024

      Amtrak just announced more DC-NYC services. But let's think even bigger: by the time the massive redevelopment of Union Station has finished, DC could be connected to scores of new destinations across the country. Thank a series of federal grants to study 69 corridors for passenger rail, plus a slew of new commuter connections across the Washington region.

    • How will WMATA avoid crisis and cover costs for the next couple years?

      By Wyatt Gordon     February 15th, 2024

      As Metro inches toward a fiscal cliff that would force it to cut services dramatically, we unpack where the major players stand on filling the short-term funding gap.

    • Bikeshare Beat: CaBi wraps up a year of historic ridership in December

      By Samuel Littauer     January 25th, 2024

      CaBi broke all-time ridership records in 2023, with riders logging 4,469,358 trips. This month’s Bikeshare Beat digs into that record-breaking data and ridership highlights from the holiday season.

    • Death spiral or new dawn: How did WMATA get here?

      By Wyatt Gordon     January 18th, 2024

      WMATA faces a drastic budget gap, even though the DMV region has the money to support a world-class transit system. In part one of a series, GGWash looks at the causes of WMATA’s fiscal challenges. Parts two and three will consider potential solutions.

    • A roadmap for cargo e-bike delivery networks

      By Kea Wilson     January 2nd, 2024

      Getting more cargo e-bikes on the street as a last-mile freight delivery option will require a strategic approach that goes beyond basic bike-friendliness.

    • Fake tags are a real problem

      By Tom Lee     December 28th, 2023

      Illicit license plates–whether fake, expired temporary, or shaded–protect dangerous drivers from facing any penalties for risky behaviors by making it impossible to identify them. Meanwhile these tags are being openly mass-produced and sold for profit online. Are DC policymakers ready to take it seriously?

    • Don’t take tunneling for granite: Building Metro under Georgetown

      By J.M. Christoph     December 26th, 2023

      Metro’s leaders have a lot to take into consideration when weighing Blue-Orange-Silver expansion proposals, not least of which is the ground beneath their feet, literally. The area’s geology creates unique challenges. J.M. Christoph excavates the implications.

    • Got something to say about Metro’s budget? Now’s your chance.

      By George Kevin Jordan     February 3rd, 2022

      Metro is holding three public hearings on its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2023 as questions remain about the system's recovery from the pandemic.

    • How do you build a better regional bus network? This coalition has some ideas.

      By George Kevin Jordan     January 24th, 2022

      A new report offers a glimpse into how far the region has come in expanding and improving bus service.

    • Plans for a revamped Douglas Street bridge move forward

      By George Kevin Jordan     January 19th, 2022

      The replacement of a bridge connecting pedestrians to several neighborhoods in Ward 7 is moving forward as the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) plans to hold a public meeting on the project.