Capital Bikeshare and Metro extend free rides for mobile SmarTrip card offer through June

A match made in heaven. Metro and Capital Bikeshare by nevermindtheend licensed under Creative Commons.

Have you been thinking about switching to a mobile SmarTrip card? It’s not too late to get 10 free Capital Bikeshare rides for your efforts, after CaBi and Metro expanded a partnership until June.

The promotion, launched over the summer and originally set to end in December, allows anyone who creates a mobile SmarTrip card, as well as people who already use them, to earn 10 free, 45-minute rides in the 30 days following signing up. You can learn about how to get the offer here.

SmarTrip has been available on Apple devices since the fall of 2020, and the service rolled out to Android and Google Pay last June. Riders using mobile SmarTrip cards can pay by holding their smartphone or smartwatch near the fare reader.

This isn’t the only Metro/bikeshare collaboration in recent months. In October, as Metro service faltered after the system was forced to remove 60% of its railcar fleet due to a 7000-series derailment, DC announced a program to give residents free one-time 30-day CaBi memberships. That program has since ended.