• The future of Union Station includes new destinations

      By Dave Murphy     March 5th, 2024

      Amtrak just announced more DC-NYC services. But let's think even bigger: by the time the massive redevelopment of Union Station has finished, DC could be connected to scores of new destinations across the country. Thank a series of federal grants to study 69 corridors for passenger rail, plus a slew of new commuter connections across the Washington region.

    • How will WMATA avoid crisis and cover costs for the next couple years?

      By Wyatt Gordon     February 15th, 2024

      As Metro inches toward a fiscal cliff that would force it to cut services dramatically, we unpack where the major players stand on filling the short-term funding gap.

    • Bikeshare Beat: CaBi wraps up a year of historic ridership in December

      By Samuel Littauer     January 25th, 2024

      CaBi broke all-time ridership records in 2023, with riders logging 4,469,358 trips. This month’s Bikeshare Beat digs into that record-breaking data and ridership highlights from the holiday season.

    • Death spiral or new dawn: How did WMATA get here?

      By Wyatt Gordon     January 18th, 2024

      WMATA faces a drastic budget gap, even though the DMV region has the money to support a world-class transit system. In part one of a series, GGWash looks at the causes of WMATA’s fiscal challenges. Parts two and three will consider potential solutions.

    • Got something to say about Metro’s budget? Now’s your chance.

      By George Kevin Jordan     February 3rd, 2022

      Metro is holding three public hearings on its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2023 as questions remain about the system's recovery from the pandemic.

    • The good, the bad and the unexplained: what you need to know about the WMATA budget

      By David Alpert     January 29th, 2020

      Soon, WMATA will formally be asking riders and other members of the public to weigh in on its next budget. There's a lot riders should understand, and weigh in on, in addition to proposed cuts or changes to bus service which have rightly attracted a lot of attention — some of which transit advocates have been requesting for years, and other items which are worrisome.

    • What the heck is going on with the WMATA budget?

      By David Alpert     December 16th, 2019

      Up to 68 Washington-area bus routes could face cuts in 2020 (and some could see increases), under a draft budget document presented to the WMATA board Thursday. At the meeting, various board members then proposed numerous of amendments, and the board ultimately put off any action for a month. What's going on, and what should riders take from this?

    • Do you hear the people signal support for bus lanes?

      By Caitlin Rogger     May 20th, 2019

      Fifty-six percent of Washington area residents think it’s a good idea to change some lanes on the roads into bus-only lanes at rush hour, according to a poll released Friday by the Washington Post. For DC residents, there was even stronger support, with 66%.

    • Make buses better in Baltimore, Richmond, and Washington, says a regional business group

      By David Alpert     September 18th, 2018

      Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond should all make their bus service a priority with more lanes, faster boarding, better infromation, and much more. Those are recommendations from the Greater Washington Partnership, a super-regional business-led organization which just released a new issue brief on bus service.