DCST supports frequent, safe, reliable, speedy bus service on the DC Circulator and Metrobus to serve residents all over the city and transport them where they need to go. Especially given Metro's struggles, it's important to offer high-quality bus routes that meet DC's mobility needs.

DCST is working on the following issues regarding bus service:

  • Circulator: The DC Circulator has struggled with reliability and does not operate all of the buses it should. Also, the Circulator is not meeting its promised service standard of a bus every 10 minutes. DCST aims to support DDOT to restore the Circulator to a high level of quality. DCST also supports DC's efforts to try out new all-electric buses.
  • Bus garages: One cause of Circulator problems is inadequate maintenance space. The Circulator needs a new garage for maintaining its buses. Also, Metrobus will soon need to renovate or replace its aging Western (near Friendship Heights) and Northern (upper 14th Street) garages. DCST urges the District to ensure it has adequate industrial land for future transportation storage and maintenance needs.
  • Bus priority: As DC's population grows, traffic will increase. The only way to move more people on limited road space is to prioritize vehicles like buses which move many people in a small amount of space. DC should explore bus priority corridors including bus lanes, signal priority, off-board fare payment, and more.

From the Blog

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      Changes to DC Circulator could bring the DC-run bus service to Congress Heights, L'Enfant Plaza, U Street/Howard University, but remove it from Skyland, Wisconsin Avenue, and Potomac Avenue. What do you think?