DCST organizes business, advocacy, and government entities to make DC a global leader with frequent, rapid, safe, affordable, and reliable transportation to, from, and around DC job centers.

Our Issues

  • Bus Service

    DCST supports frequent, safe, reliable, speedy bus service on the DC Circulator and Metrobus to serve residents all over the city and transport them where they need to go. Especially given Metro's struggles, it's important to offer high-quality bus routes that meet DC's mobility needs.

  • Parking and Curbside

    Changing travel patterns, the rise of e-commerce, and new transportation technologies are shifting the demands for limited curbside space. Transit, driving, parking, ride hailing, deliveries, and more are all vying for limited space. DCST convenes BIDs and government officials to identify ways to better balance these needs.

  • Autonomous Vehicles

    Experts anticipate that within a decade or two, autonomous vehicles may well make up the majority of cars and trucks on the roads. How can DC ensure that autonomous vehicles have a positive effect on safety, congestion, pollution, and sprawl instead of a negative one? DCST is working to make recommendations.

  • Bikeshare

    Capital Bikeshare has more than 440 stations and 3,700 bicycles around the region. Now, many private "dockless" bikeshare systems are also interested in launching their services in DC. DCST has worked with stakeholders to recommend ways to encourage and also regulate these services.

From the Blog

Top images: 1) Image by Aimee Custis / Capitol Riverfront BID used with permission. 2) Image by Jaclyn Lippelmann used with permission. 3) Image by M.V. Jantzen used with permission. 4) Image by Mathew Friedman licensed under Creative Commons.